Living Foods

What are living foods?

Foods that haven’t been cooked, highly heated (over 115F) or artificially preserved. They’re fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, and legumes in their natural state. When we cook food the amount of nutrients starts to diminish between 30% to 80% and most of the enzymes are destroyed.

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that speed up the chemical processes of the body (Ex. digestion). When eat live food like raw sprouts, the absorption and nutrition will be much faster than cooked beans; the reason why is because raw sprouts have their own enzymes, so our body does not uses their own enzyme reserve to digest them.

A well manage raw vegan diet can contribute to weight control, more energy, clear skin and improved insulin tolerance.

Enzyme inhibitors

Certain drugs and food can block the participation of enzymes in our body, causing on only as slower abortion of nutrients but also unwanted health problems, for example sweeteners like NutraSweet, Spoonful, Sweet ‘N Low, Equal, or Aspartame, foods like animal protein, dairy products, soft drinks, etc., create high levels of acidity in our body.

High acidity creates entropy in our system facilitating sickness to arise. It’s is important to be mindful about the food we take, so we can maintain a healthy way of living. To maintain health our diet should be at least 60% alkaline and 40% acidic, to restore health 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.

Source: Wikipedia, Angelfire

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