“There is no doubt that Moises’ passion in bringing raw food to a whole new level that combine goodness, luxury with an artistic approach comes from a pure heart.  Every bite of his creation is a real gastronomy delight.”

Jo Fok
Executive Producer
Marshmallow Media

Only organic and raw ingredients in Dinner .

The long wooden table was both side occupied by lively and diverse young people who seemed to be believers of a healthy, balanced nutrition and lifestyle. Some of them are longtime friends of the Host.

The pre-dinner Drink was a delicious coconut water which carried a natural vanilla beans flavor.
The starters were artfully placed on the plates – light salads continued by a-la Calamari Rings – actually mushrooms in crispy nuts Cover. Accompanied by refreshing tartar sauce.
The Main course – Ravioli – very tasty with greenly Basil cu-lice ! The pastry was made from coconut pulp which is real contribution to the slim contours of body lines.
Dessert time made the company even more lively and everybody went satisfied with wishes to come back once again.

Thank you to Moises and his very attractive assistants for preparations and executions of this Meal !

Xenia Lubberstedt


Thank you so much for introducing me to this raw food journey.

The coaching has been more than just instructions and demonstration. It is an introduction to a way of healthy and spiritual living.  It is exceptional to find a person with so much passion and dedication in his work.

Moy has certainly changed my approach not only to preparing food, but to life as well.  With his consistent positive drive, I get so  inspired learning all these wonderful recipes, and feel so energized physically and mentally after having these delicious raw food.

After the introduction, I started having my raw shake everyday and  have just bought a dehydrator. Thanks again for the great experience, and for being such a devoted and wonderful teacher. I look forward to learning more and having all these delicious & healthy shakes, crackers, and desserts….

Pauline Look


Moises is ever experimenting with new recipes, always with delicious results.  And he is one of the most generous instructors I’ve ever met, someone who genuinely enjoys helping others develop the skills to do what he does.

It’s no wonder that he is inspiring a growing number of people.  Moises’ passion for food and raw “cooking” stems from his deeper interest in a holistic path of self-development that sheds light on how we live, connect with friends, communities and the environment.  Time and again, I’ve seen Moises get people interested in food and more conscious living.

When Moises is in the kitchen, there is always energy and excitement in the air.  People know they’re on the verge of discovering new, delicious recipes they never thought were possible.

Dimitri Kessler  PhD
China Representative
Ethical Trading Initiative

Moises creates a conscious cuisine. This is the perfect kind of food for our soul.
We should be good to ourselves and eat with such nourishment every day. It feels right to eat raw.

Moises prepares food lovingly and creatively. Eating his delicious menus I feel such pure energy and joy
– its a real blessing.

Tasha Lalvani

Mosies makes raw food a joy to experience and explore. It is clearly his passion that he lives through his own life. Because of this, the touch and ingredients lift out of the food and give their own blessings when you learn through eating with him. It is inspiring to have Moises in our community because it reminds me that there is truly higher ways of being and co-existing on this planet at this time. I support Living Gaea wholeheartedly and wish to make this a deeper practice in my own life.

Thank you Moises!

Kristina Pao Cheng
Founder and Executive Director

After numerous raw 3-course dinner parties at Moises’, I can fearlessly say that his food is consistently amazing, we never fail to have a great time! The food, the company and atmosphere are unforgettable – great vibes!

Other than dinner parties, Moises also comes to my school to offer raw cooking classes to my high school students and they absolutely enjoy his classes as well as the end products. He is thorough, articulate and well-prepared.

He also comes to my place to train my helper so that I get to enjoy raw food everyday. I am ever so grateful that we have someone like Moises in Hong Kong who adds another dimension to my diet and helps me to make a much smoother transition into healthier eating and veganism. I am impressed by the vast knowledge that he has in the area and yet he is so humble.
Last but not least, Moises’ catering for the Harmonium events adds such a glamorous and delectable dimension to them. I cannot recommend and thank Moises enough but at the same time, I don’t want him to get so busy that I can still book my next class or dinner with him!

Vicky Wong

Moy’s food is delicious and full of goodness. He has taught me how to keep healthy and young through eating consciously, and has inspired me to eat this way whenever possible. He has a wealth of knowledge and his love for this healthy way of living is infectious.
If anyone has a chance to attend one of Moy’s classes, do so, without hesitation. It is an opportunity to learn and understand that good health is possible for everyone.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” -Aristotle

Dear Moy
Thank you for teaching and inspiring me. The effect that your knowledge and love of this lifestyle has had on me is priceless.

Lindzay Chan

Moises Mehl is a very inventive raw food chef. His creativity and professionalism blend to design some of the most unexpected and delightful dinner parties I have attended. He is also extremely knowledgeable about the impact of food on health, and how to correct health issues with food. What a relief to know that food can be delicious AND healthy as well!

Moises is also a very patient and dedicated teacher to his cooking classes students. He truly has a passion for what he does, and it shows. He is very generous with his time and advice, and he has a lot to share!

I warmly recommend Moises to anyone who wishes to have a new experience of food, nourishment and enjoyment.

Helene Liu

April 2018
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