Living Gaea


Living: a condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms. (1)

Gaea: “(from Ancient Greek “land” or “earth”; also Gæa, Gaia or Gea, from Koine and Modern Greek)” is the primal Greek goddess personifying the Earth, the Greek version of “Mother Nature”, of which the earliest reference to the term is the Mycenaean Greek ma-ka (transliterated as ma-ga), “Mother Gaia”, written in Linear B syllabic script.” (2)

“The Earth, in a way is a living organism itself too, that allows life to exist in harmony with other living beings”

Mindful Food

Mindfulness: “Mindfulness is focused awareness of the present moment(3)”. We can cultivate it on every aspect of our life, a very important one is the food we daily take and how it affects us and the environment, we are not separate from each other, but rather a result from our relationship.

Living Gaea

To awaken our mindfulness towards the food we take in a way that can restore our health and bring compassion towards all living beings through a raw vegan lifestyle.

Living Gaea promotes the Raw Vegan movement in Hong Kong by creating food that will change our mindset about boring vegetables, to amazing recipes that reflect the beauty, taste and nutrition that enhances life and awakens the mindfulness of the food we daily eat.

A mindful raw and vegan diet is a path for liberation of toxins in our body and awaken our spirit and connection towards ourselves and all living beings. In 2010 a meat free and dairy free diet has been advised by the United Nations, as a way to solve the challenges of global warming and waste in our planet. Starting with a mindful raw vegan diet in combination with a vegan foundation (starting 60%/ 40%) will dramatically help to change and improve your health.


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