Chef Moy


Chef Moy

Moises Mehl, also known as “Moy”, is a web developer, yoga teacher and advocate of the raw vegan food lifestyle. Inspired by his grandmother Blanca Dominguez de Diez Gutierrez who was an agro-ecologist, vegetarian, soy and raw food pioneer, yogi and writer in their home town of Mexico City, he then traveled around the world to learn about raw food as it is practiced in different countries.

In 2010 he became a certified Raw Vegan Chef from the prestigious Mathew Kenny Academy, founded by Matthew Kenney co-owner of Mathew Kenney Restaurant and author of many raw vegan cuisine books. Moy studied with award winning raw vegan chef from UK James Russel, also author of many ebooks and videos about the raw vegan culinary art.

In 2011 he completed the Tree of Life Master Immersion with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, where he learned  the use raw food preparation in ways to restore health, detox the body; Spiritual Nutrition, a path for understanding our transcendental relationship with the food we eat and our relationship with the Divine; Conscious Eating a map to individualize our diet according to our physical and energetical conditions and Juice Fasting  a deep work on learning how to prepare a juice fast detoxing and resetting your physical, emotional and ethereal body from toxins, and restore health and promote longevity.

His last training in 2012 was in Bali with Pure Joy Academy, where he assisted kitchen and food inventory operation and completed levels 1-3 and detox training with Elaine Love and Chris Whitcoe. Moy is very keen working with such amazing raw food instructors.

Moy gives thanks to his family, teachers and friends for their support and love. As long time practitioner and yoga teacher, Chef Moy loves to share the raw vegan way that nurtures the body and preserves our planet.

He’s currently on a Masters Program on Raw Vegan Spiritual Nutrition with the University of Integrated Science California and The Culture of Life Institute.

University of Integrated Science California

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