Education Centers

Tree of  Life
The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is one of the world’s largest cross-cultural, plant-source-only live food, residential guest and student center which serves as a spiritual sanctuary, eco-retreat, plant-source-only lifestyle educational campus and holistic medical spa. (I was the first Hong Kong resident to take their Masters Program in Nutrition).

Mathew Kenney Academy
This is the culinary institute where I graduated from my raw food education, previously named 105degrees. Exciting place, great facility and friendly staff. It was great experience to learning and connecting with people alike.

Pure Joy Academy
This was the third raw food chef training I took with two awesome teachers, Chef Elaine Love and M.A. Chris Whitcoe. I was able to not only to do their training but I assisted on food inventory forecasting, food preparation and teaching yoga. It was a wonderful learning, working and teaching experience!

The People Project
The solutions that will be borne of our generation will not be conceived by the minds of brilliant scientists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers alone, but through the concerted and impassioned effort of people around the world who will use their collective strength and breath to create something truly extraordinary.

Living Food Chefs & Friends

Angie Lam RawMetofu
An amazing and beautiful raw food chef and long time vegan that teaches public and privately classes in English and Cantonese.

Shima runs a wide range of healthy cooking classes and demos of how to make healthy meals at home. Our classes include fermented foods, raw and living foods, baby food.

Nicole Lana Lee
Nicole Lana Lee is a food & nutrition writer, as well as media personality. She founded Ola Huna, Health Secrets Made Simple, to share exclusive expert interviews, wholesome recipes and healthy living tips, to inspire you to take charge of your mental, physical, and spiritual health, while having lots of *fun* at the same time.

Living Food Chefs in International

Reyna Eatupgrade
A long time professional international raw food chef living in Japan, visit to learn more in English and Japanese!

Places to I like for Vegan and Raw Eating:

nood Food Juice Bar
nood food is where healthy meets delicious. Cold-pressed juices, raw foods and superfood smoothies from organic ingredients sourced locally wherever possible to promote sustainable healthy living

Grass Root Panty
Grassroots Pantry is a boutique café and workshop dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the community through serving nutritious, homemade, plant-based world dishes.


Places in Hong Kong to get ingredients:

Hu Organics
An great website to fine at affordable prices high quality ingredients like raw organic almods, nuts, nut butters, organic grains, dry fruits, superfoods, raw cacao products from Peru and Indonesia, and equipment like Vita-Mix blenders, Sedona Dehydrators, Greenstar Juicers and Tribest Personal Blenders.

 Just Green
Local convenient organic store


Good prices for organic sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, veggies, and sometimes the will carry organic apples at good price. The organic wild rice is at reasonable price.

Organic products superstore. Pricey, but check for sales, they are quite attractive. The have Bob’s Red Mill products.

Epicurean supermarket, organic veggies and fruits, pricey, but sales are amazingly good, so it’s good to pay a visit. The carry the brand Bob’s Red Mill that has quinoa, buckwheat, groat oats, etc..

Another epicurean supermarket, similar to Citysuper.

This is a local supermarket that carries the best price for Thai coconuts. For other products, it’s average price.

Gage Street Wet Market: Good price for avocados, and local and imported veggies. You can find good price for macadamia nuts too.

Central Ferry Pear: Every Sunday morning a local organic market with good prices. Arrive early !

Organic shop areas
Electric Road, near the MTR exit of Tin Hau, is a street with lot’s of organic shop’s.

There are more shop’s and places I still need to add. Will continue to INSERT INTO…

Friends in Hong Kong

If you are looking for the city’s best green living content, we have you covered. From restaurant reviews, to DIY tips to healthy eating recipes, to interviews with eco warriors and more, we make green living fun and informative while keeping you up to date on everything you need to know to experience Hong Kong the green way.

First Raw Vegan Comercial Products in Hong Kong
Stephen & James might be the first raw food pioneers in Hong Kong, who also started raw business on making raw bars and other great products.

NGO & Activism

Health & Travel
This is the official site of Food & Water, the activist organisation and publishers of the Food & Water Journal and Wild Matters in a previous century.

Narco News
Reporting on the Drug War and Democracy from all America

Green Society Organisation

We are an association of persons, business and organisations that create local and global support systems that develop sustainable resource based communities”, Green Society Association


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