Pomegranate is not only a delicious food used in many culinary dishes, but it also provides many health benefits such as, vitamin C, B5, potassium and antioxidants. Coconut is considered as a superfood, it’s butter contains medium chain triglycerides a saturated fat which is easier for the body to use for energy and burning fat too!

1/3 cup of raw cashews (soaked for at least 2-5 hrs)
1?? cup of pomegranate kernels
1/3 cup of coconut butter (cold pressed if possible, it’s also called coconut oil)
1/3 cup of agave nectar or 2 tsp liquid stevia
1 cup of pomegranate kernels for later use.

Blend all the ingredients on a high speed blender for about 1 minute, until all is homogenized. Place the mixture into small silicon cupcakes and freeze for about 5 hours. Remove each cupcake and place on top the raw pomegranate kernels.


Chia Tostadas

I love Mexican food, but it can be very fatty. Making it raw vegan, can become, light, delicious and nutritious.

The result: chia tostadas, with sunflower re-fried chipotle mock beans and zucchini and carrot salad



Raw Sweet Congee

Chia seeds come from my native country Mexico. We used to served the in lemonades or just adding them into any juice and make “Agua con Chia”. The chia seed make a gelatinous effect after being soaked for a couple of minutes (around 10) and it blends with the liquid that is served. My following recipe make a yummy example for a fast and delicious breakfast.

5 Tbs Chia Seeds
1/3 cup of persimmon (finely chopped)
1/3 cup of coconut (finely chopped)
1/3 cup of pomegranate grains
1 tsp of ginger
1 1/2 cup of your favorite nut milk


Place the ingredients into a soup bowl and add the nut milk.

Mix the milk with the fruit and store on the fridge for about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Facts: Chia seeds have 5 times more calcium than milk, so in this serving you at least have 50% of the RDA of calcium, 60% of iron, 60% of magnesium, and of course omega 3 and 6? Well you get more than 500%!! yes more than 16 grms of Omega 3.

Tbs: Tablespoon
tsp: Teaspoon


Especial occasions can motivate the creation of wonderful things. The birthday of my dear friend Valery was a great opportunity to make this offer.

raw vegan cake2The crust, is made of the usual, pecans and dates. For the filling 2/3 from cashews and the last I used Irish Moss, it’s great for keeping a binding and taste, a bit of coconut oil was added too. The white filling around the strawberries was made with Irish Moss, cashews and agave.

I’m traveling to Mexico tomorrow, It’s late and I have to finish packing! Just wanted to share this, I’ll try to put a more detailed recipe.

Visit www.raw.hk for more INSERT INTOs.


Raw Vegan Mexican Pizza


I fell in love with the use of buckwheat for making live pizzas! This is my Mexican version of raw pizza, using a spice chipotle tomato sauce and avocados. The crust took 20 hours to be ready, since Hong Kong is more humid, this process takes a bit more time than usual.

The crust is firm and very tasty, with chunks of sun dried tomatoes.


And of course, some nice Kalamata olives!

Ok Guys, here is the recipe!


1.5 Cups of buckwheat groats

1/4 cup of olive oil

1/2 cup of sun dried tomatoes

2/3 cup of carrot pulp

2/3 cup of golden flax seeds

1 tsp of sea salt or celtic salt.

Soak the buckwheat overnight. Then place the flax seeds to soak for about half an hour. Place all ingredients on a high speed blender and mix until smooth. You can do this process in batches to make it easy for your blender.

Remove then wet your hands, place it on your dehydrator teflex sheet and start making a dough, the use a spatula or hands, and make a 0.4 cm thick circle. Keep hands moist to allow easy manipulation of dough.

At the end, use your fingertips on the edges, to make a nice design.

Dehydrate for first 4 hrs at 140F, then lower the temperature to 115 for other 4 hours. Remove after?? this 8hrs from the teflex sheet, and place on tray and continue the dehydration at 115F for other 6 hrs, until desired hardness of crust.

Keeps for a month on fridge!


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