Raw Vegan Cheese Strawberry Cake

Especial occasions can motivate the creation of wonderful things. The birthday of my dear friend Valery was a great opportunity to make this offer. The crust, is made of the usual, pecans and dates. For the filling 2/3 from cashews and the last I used Irish Moss, it’s great for keeping a binding and taste, a bit of coconut oil was added too. The white filling around the strawberries was made with Irish Moss, cashews and agave. I’m traveling to […]

Raw Vegan Mexican Pizza

  I fell in love with the use of buckwheat for making live pizzas! This is my Mexican version of raw pizza, using a spice chipotle tomato sauce and avocados. The crust took 20 hours to be ready, since Hong Kong is more humid, this process takes a bit more time than usual. The crust is firm and very tasty, with chunks of sun dried tomatoes.   And of course, some nice Kalamata olives! Ok Guys, here is the recipe! […]

Mock Tuna Wraps

Living in Hong Kong allowed me to connect with a variety of Asian green vegetables, one of my favorites is the Chinese Kale kai-lan (??). It’s local and accesable and its taste is a bit sweet. Using the leaves of this veggie can help make Raw wraps quite easy and yummy.. Here is one of my favorite recipe: For the Mock Tuna Paste: 1 Cup soaked almonds (12 hrs no skin) 1.5 Cups soaked sun?ower seeds 1/2 Lemon juice 1/4 […]