Yoga & Living Food Workshop


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28th September 2012 (Friday) 10:30 am – 2:30 pm

Due to popular demand, make sure you book early. 

We are living a paradigm shift towards the way we are eating, especially in the live-food movement. In this workshop Chef Moises Mehl will share his accumulated research and study of ways to prepare healthy raw food diet that supports the physical health and spiritual evolution.

In this introduction to raw foods we will learn how to prepare delicious healthy living foods using raw vegan ingredients, like fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sea vegetables that haven’t been heated over 40°C.

The workshop will start off with an Asana yoga session which focuses on the balancing of the chakras (seven major centers of psychic energy located along the spinal column believed by some yoga practitioners to be responsible for the condition of the mind, body and spirit). The balancing of the chakras creates a higher level of awareness, benefiting the way we live and interact with each other. After the Asana practice, a vegan living foods demonstration and tasting will take place and guests will discover the benefits of living foods and how easy is to incorporate them into our daily diet. Guests who are not used to eating raw foods will be surprised of how delicious these dishes can be. All ingredients are gluten free, and do not contain any animal products, dairy or white sugars.

Full Package Includes

For just HK$800, you can experience the Chakra Balancing & Detox Yoga and the Living Food Demonstration & Tasting on the beautiful setting of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Spa. HK$640 for the Living Food Workshop alone.

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Living Food Menu

  • Spicy Xocolatl Elixhir
  • Mexican flautas, with walnut picadillo ahumado, hongos (not tripping), pineapple salsa and extra guacamole on the side.
  • Azteca Raw Xocolatl Truffles


Chakra Balancing & Detox Yoga
10.30 am  – 11.45 am

Living Food Demonstration & Tasting
12.30 pm – 14.30pm

You will learn how to make this delicious Living food using traditional Mexican preparation.

No dehydration or special equipment requiered. Just a blender and food procesor

Contact Information
Reservations at 2132 0011