Live Vegan Food Against Low Level Radiation



Looking at the events that are happening in the world, we need to pay more attention to the choices we make in our diet in order to prevent terminal diseases. I’m very sorry for the innocent people who are suffering in Japan and I wanted to share some information that we can take into our diet to fight against low level radiation, so we can all benefit from it.

Eat more whole grains ( I rather sprout them!) in your diet (ratio 40-50%)

They help detox our body, and prevent cellular damage. 

Eat more greens (20-30%) leafy greens, cabbage family and yellow veggies (zucchini, capsicum, yellow tomatoes)

Eat more brown seaweed (5%): Kombu, Kelp, Wakame

According to a research in  the Canadian Medical Association Journal, such ingredients have a polysaccharide substance that can help eliminate radioactive traces from the body.

…and also remember to always carry an umbrella with you, you don’t want some acid/radioactive rain in your head.

I will work on some tasty raw vegan recipes against low level radiation!

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From Diet For The Atomic Age, How To Protect Yourself From Low-Level Radiation, by Sara Shannon, Avery Publishing Group Inc., Wayne, NJ USA, 1987. The book is available for $8.95 from the publisher. Tel: 800/548-5757.
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