Raw Vegan Fudge Brownies


Many raw foodist agree that cacao and vanilla are to beings that become in harmony when they join each other creating amazing flavor and aroma. As a tribute to the Itzas Mayans and Aztecs who took cacao as a drink of the “Gods”, I offer to them this Fudge Brownies:

The ingredients blend organic almond butter, organic hemp seeds, organic vanilla beans,?? organic apricots, organic agave and of course organic cacao. I’ll be making this amazing treat upon request.

The experience: The flavor is present on each bite, and softly melts on your mouth, bursting a sweet and bitter taste of the cacao that harmonies with the apricots and shines with the vanilla flavor. The chewiness of each piece is carefully balanced with the almond and hemp seeds, bringing not only your EFA’s of Omega-3,6 and 9 and a complete protein source, but also a delightful and joyful way of practicing mindfulness of eating and living.