Happy and healthy New Year!!


Just to wish you all a happy healthy and happy new year, I’ll share some tips even if you are not fully raw vegan, you can add some simple changes in your eating habits to become healthier and vibrant.

Juice at least 5 times a week: Take some green juice on the mornings, start with a base of celery and cucumber and a green apple.

Eat more raw greens: Add to at least one of your meals a good portion of raw salad with lots of green leaf veggies like kale, spinach, water crest, lettuce. Then mix it with jicama, cucumbers, sprouts, raw sesame seeds. Marinate with lime or lemon juice with sea salt, a bit of cayenne pepper.

Explore alternative sweeteners: Use agave syrup, yuca or stevia, avoid/reduce products that contain high fructose corn syrup and sugar. Go to a healthy shop and look for some alternative healthy desserts.

Alternate for vegan source of protein on your meals: tempeh, tofu, quinoa (cooked or sprouted), hemp seeds

Add 1 lime to your water, this can help you hydrate your body more.

Reduce white processed flour products, to organic whole wheat products, to live sprouted breads!

Go to the library and explore raw vegan and vegan cooking books and have fun making your food!