Amazing Chocolate Truffles (nut free)


Amazing Chocolate Truffles (nut free)


  • 3/4 cups cacao paste ((melted banio Maria))
  • 1/3 cube coconut flower nectar
  • 1 Medium Ripped avocado


Melting Cacao Paste
Step 1
Melting Cacao Paste Banio Marie
Slowly melt the cacao pate in banio Maria, until is on liquid form. You can use your dehydrator at 105, to slowly melt the cacao paste.
Step 2
Adding Coconut Flower Nectar
Incorporate the coconut nectar with the paste and slowly mix with a spatula to incorporate the flavours.
Step 3
Mixing Avocado With Paste
Place avocado and cut into chunks and move ingredients into blender and mix until well incorporated
Step 4
Place mixture into a bowl and set on freezer for 2 hrs, roll in to 1/2 inch truffles and enjoy. You can add coconut flakes or cacao powder, chia, hemp seeds, cacao nibs on top for more variety of flavour and fun!