The Flu Shoot


So today I felt like a strange virus visiting my immune system. Since it was not invited I wanted to give it a little fair well party with a Flu shoot!. From Ann Wigmore’s Book Overcoming Aids and other “Incurable Diseases”, one of the 37 benefits of wheatgrass it’s vitamin C potency and immune support. Combining it with Oregano Oil, another powerful anti-viral and immune support substance, I made the “Flu-Shoot”.

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1 ounce of fresh wheatgrass juice

5 Drops of Oregano oil




Looking at the events that are happening in the world, we need to pay more attention to the choices we make in our diet in order to prevent terminal diseases. I’m very sorry for the innocent people who are suffering in Japan and I wanted to share some information that we can take into our diet to fight against low level radiation, so we can all benefit from it.

Eat more whole grains ( I rather sprout them!) in your diet (ratio 40-50%)

They help detox our body, and prevent cellular damage. 

Eat more greens (20-30%) leafy greens, cabbage family and yellow veggies (zucchini, capsicum, yellow tomatoes)

Eat more brown seaweed (5%): Kombu, Kelp, Wakame

According to a research in  the Canadian Medical Association Journal, such ingredients have a polysaccharide substance that can help eliminate radioactive traces from the body.

…and also remember to always carry an umbrella with you, you don’t want some acid/radioactive rain in your head.

I will work on some tasty raw vegan recipes against low level radiation!

Y. Tanaka et. Al. ” Studies on Inhibition of Intestinal Absorption of Radioactive Strontium”, Canadian Medical Association Journal 99: 169-75.

From Diet For The Atomic Age, How To Protect Yourself From Low-Level Radiation, by Sara Shannon, Avery Publishing Group Inc., Wayne, NJ USA, 1987. The book is available for $8.95 from the publisher. Tel: 800/548-5757.
Retrieved on March 15 2012 from:


Spinach Colada


This simple smoothie is not only delicious, but it combines a perfect balance of nutrition and detox benefits. If you search about the benefits of coconut you’ll be probably amazed of the density of nutrients that are found in this miracle fruit. Living in Asia makes it quite easy to have access to fresh Thai coconuts, that are the best for making this recipe. As for spinach, or any other green leave that you want to add to your smoothie, it will make it even more refreshing and nutritious too!.




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1 cup Spinach
1/2 cup coconut pulp
1 cup coconut water
1/8 tablespoon sea salt

Place all ingredients on a high speed blender and mix until smooth.







Sea vegetables are an excellent source of minerals, such as iron, magnesium and calcium, and B-vitamins like folate,? riboflavin and pantothenic acid. They are also rich in lignans, a plant compounds that recent research have showed to protect our body against cancer growth. Irish moss in particular, has showed some benefits for treatment of damaged lungs from pneumonia, smoking, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and possibly Mycoplasma and Chlamydia.

Back to the kitchen!

Irish moss is usually sold in a dry form, preserved with salt. This way it can last for many months, if we want to use it for raw food dishes, first we need to take the portion we are going to use, I suggest to start with 1/2 cup.

We wash the dry Irish Moss at least 5 times, until all the salt is removed. Sometimes you will some cotton strings from nets, also try to remove, until its pretty clean. Then we need to soak it for at least 3 hours, I like to leave it over night to allow it to rehydrate fully.

We will notice that the Irish Moss will expand in size, from this point we prepare IMOP (Irish Moss Paste).

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1 Cup of soaked and cleaned Irish Moss
2 Cups of water

Place ingredients on high speed blender (highly recommended) and blend until smooth (until the blades make no more sounds with the paste). Remove the paste, if you see any small chunks blend again or remove them.Place paste in a glass container and keep on fridge.

Keeps for 1 month on fridge.

Irish Moss Nutrition Facts

Source: USDA


First way to use Irish Moss:

Make your usual nut milk and add 1 tsp of Irish Moss paste, blend again until smooth, notice difference? More thickness with less nuts and fat!
[stextbox id=”alert” caption=”Warning”]Do not over use Irish Moss! Go with small amounts otherwise it will taste like seaweed![/stextbox]

In Hong Kong it’s called “Sam Wu Choi”, it’s sold in many organic health food stores.

Keep in touch for further tips and secrets!

It’s been more than a year since I started this blog, and I wanted to thank all of us for dropping by and sharing your thoughts about this amazing food. I’m moving on with a new name that resonates to my believes and lifestyle. So moving on with something easy to prepare at home and I consider as a detox soup, due to the healing ingredients and simplicity.

I love Aloe Vera not only for being a beautiful plant, but it’s the best gel not only for sunburns and shaving, but also for having strong anti-inflammatory benefits and improving conditions of blood sugar and hepatitis.

We can enjoy it by eating it raw and fresh with a Thai coconut noodles (made by cutting the pulp like chiffonade, after being carefully extracted) and coconut water; making it’s a simple and refreshing dish.

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1 Thai Coconut
1/2 Cup of chiffonade coconut pulp
1/3 Cup of fresh aloe vera cubes
1/3 Cup of raw cucumber cubes
1 Cup of coconut water

*With a sharp knife remove skin and cut into 5mm cubes.

Mix all ingredients, and enjoy!


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