The Flu Shoot


So today I felt like a strange virus visiting my immune system. Since it was not invited I wanted to give it a little fair well party with a Flu shoot!. From Ann Wigmore’s Book Overcoming Aids and other “Incurable Diseases”, one of the 37 benefits of wheatgrass it’s vitamin C potency and immune support. Combining it with Oregano Oil, another powerful anti-viral and immune support substance, I made the “Flu-Shoot”.

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1 ounce of fresh wheatgrass juice

5 Drops of Oregano oil




Live Xocolatl Mousse

A yummy treat you can have in fridge for any emotional emergency!


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1/3 cup of filtered water or coconut water
4 Tbs raw coconut oil (melted)
3 Tbs coconut palm sugar
1 Tbs maple syrup or coconut nectar
1/2 cup of Thai coconut pulp or avocado
3 Tbs Raw Cacao Powder (or carob powder)
1 Pinch of Himalayan or Sea salt


Blend all ingredients on a high speed blender until well incorporated.
Serve into small cups and set on fridge for 2 hours.
Top with cherries or berries.



This is a fast easy recipe you can make to enjoy as a healthy choice for a raw vegan chocolate mouse. Have fun and enjoy living with more raw vegan choices !

When trying to eat healthier, making small changes is one of the important ways to start. These changes should be something that you can stick with. You do not have to change abruptly. It will be easier for you to take things step-by-step for you to be able to accomplish your goals. Eating snacks like {Cheetos} will not give you a healthy body. It is important that you replace your daily junk food with vegetables, sprouts, sprouted seeds and nuts as your daily snack. Fruits, vegetables, sprouts, sprouted seeds and nuts are rich in nutrients but low in calories and healthy fats.

As well as having a healthy and balanced diet, people are also advised to look for health insurance options which can guide them with their healthcare solutions offered by companies such as Aviva. Health insurance is a cheaper options for those people who are already have pre-existing medical conditions. This will help them save up some amount of money during medications. Aviva offers their customers with private health insurance options and provides them private medical treatment from a wide network of hospitals. They also offer MyHealthCount. This is an online service provided by the company to help people know more about their health. For those who can’t afford health insurances, ensuring their lifestyle is healthy by eating fresh raw vegan and healthy foods will do. People who are fond of eating fresh vegetables, sprouts, sprouted seeds and nuts and moderation on sweet fruits have lower risk of developing chronic diseases and they provide our body with nutrients that are vital for many body processes.

There are many benefits that people can get from eating a diet rich in vegetables, sprouts, sprouted seeds and nuts and moderation on sweet fruits. One of its benefits is because of its high fiber content. A diet that is rich in fiber helps in reducing the risk of developing obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases. Other benefits of eating diet rich in fruits and vegetables include:

· Lowering the risk of developing eye and digestive problems

· Lowers blood pressure due to their high potassium content

· Prevents stroke; and

· Reduces the risk of some types of cancer
For those people who do not like the taste of certain vegetables, sprouts, sprouted seeds and nuts and moderation on sweet fruits, there are several ways on how you can slowly incorporate them into your daily diet. Start by juicing vegetables with a moderate amount of fruits. It is advisable to continue serving yourself with vegetables, sprouts, sprouted seeds and nuts and moderation on sweet fruits that you enjoy the most. Little by little, you can try to increase the variety of what you are eating. By trying out new varieties as often as possible, you can get yourself acquainted with their taste and eventually, get to enjoy them.

As much as possible, try to avoid foods from fast food restaurants; it is better if you prepare your own healthy lunch or dinner with healthy foods as your main ingredient. You can get healthy recipes from different raw cookbooks or through websites such as livinggaea.com so that you will be able to create healthy dishes out of your vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.


Live Miso Hummus

This recipe is a great for parties or just to have it on the fridge for any occasion. Its quite simple and delicious with veggie sticks! It is a great way for eating raw veggies all day long alone or with great company.

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1/2 cup zucchini, cut into chunks (peeled)
2  tbs sesame paste “Tahini” (Look for raw version)
2  tbsp of chickpea miso (or yellow unpasteurized miso)*
¼  cup of cold pressed olive oil

* Depending on your miso you might need or not to add ¼ tsp of Himalayan salt on not to taste.


1.  Place ingredients in a blender.

2.  Blend at high speed until smooth.

3. Serve with your favorite Live Crackers or veggies, top with avocado and sprinkle some paprika


Surprise your friends and enjoy.



Nested Watercress Salad

To make this lovely, eye-catching, and nutritious salad, you will only need to use your hands.  No heavy machinery required!  As you will see, this delicious gourmet dish only takes a few minutes to make and requires only a few very fresh ingredients.  This salad can be served as a side dish to almost any meal, or as a tantalizing appetizer salad to introduce any lunch or supper.

For best results, make sure to use only the freshest ingredients you can find!

 To Make The Nest:

2 handfuls of fresh watercress
Juice from 1/2 of a lime
1/4 tsp of sea salt

1.  Place the watercress in a mixing bowl, together with the lime juice and the sea salt.  Massage the greens with your hands until they become tender.  (By massaging the watercress, you are not only ensuring that the seasonings are evenly distributed, you are also making it a little easier for your body to absorb the nutrients from the watercress.)

2. Using your hands, place the seasoned watercress on a plate and shape it into the form of a round nest.  Leave an empty space about the size of your fist in the center of your nest.

 To Make The Filling:

1 cup of chopped fresh spinach
1 cup of chopped fresh kale
Juice from 1/2 of a lime
1 ripe avocado, medium diced
1 tbsp of chickpea miso (soy free)
1 tbsp of hemp seeds
1/8 tsp of sea salt

1.  Place the spinach and the kale into a mixing bowl, together with the lime juice and the salt, and massage the greens with your hands until they are tender. 2.  Mash the avocado with your hands and massage the avocado into the greens.  Follow this up with the miso, until the spinach and kale are entirely covered with avocado and miso.
3.  Add the hemp seeds to the mixing bowl.  Using a spatula, mix the hemp seeds into the filling.

 To Serve The Salad:

Fresh sprouts
Cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil

1. Take a handful of filling and shape it into a ball.
2. Place this ball of seasoned spinach and kale onto the top of the watercress, in the empty space in the middle of the watercress nest.
3. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil around the plate and sprinkle paprika on top of the salad to add color.
4. Top with fresh sprouts and enjoy!

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